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About Us

Romark has developed important relationships with overseas suppliers, and we have experience dealing with the culture differences that can make Global Sourcing complex. These personal relationships are the key to successful importing and building mutual trust and understanding. We are committed to making you competitive with low-cost components, and guarantee good parts on-time for closed-die forgings, forged rings, flanges and shafts, sand castings, investment castings and machining.

High Speed Problem Solving
If you import castings or forgings yourself, the risks can be high.  Our company removes those risks by dealing with proven suppliers, and by tracking your order through the whole process.  We have developed standards for communication and Quality Control over the years that assures that all parties fully understand the requirements of any job, from material specification, to process requirements, to inspection.  This results in stress-free, trouble-free overseas purchases.  Our rapid growth is due to the simple combination of excellent service and lowest prices.  We manage the material, the process and the schedule. 100% of our suppliers have ISO certification.  Many are also certified by the American Association of Railroads, and by the American Petroleum Institute as well.

How We Operate
As the Importer of Record, we assume the responsibility of all paperwork, duty payments, tariff classification, and quality assurance. Language is not an issue. We are open during YOUR operating hours, and are available for questions or consultations. We routinely deal with such issues as:

  • Foreign Purchase Contracts
  • Letters of Credit 
  • Packaging issues
  • Duty rates and classifications
  • Transoceanic shipping details
  • Coordinate of multi-modal shipments
  • Insurance issues
  • Troubleshooting
  • Expediting and avoiding "held" shipments

All shipments will have a Material Certification, and Dimensional Inspection Report, in addition to any other inspection criteria requested, such as Ultrasonic, Dye Penetrant testing, radiographic, or mechanical testing.

Factory inspections or visits can be arranged, as can direct shipments for those who wish to handle transportation and paperwork themselves. 

CEO Message
“Our strategy is simple.  We want to make it safe and simple for you to benefit from the high quality and low prices available from overseas sources.  This means we supervise and manage quality, delivery, and sourcing issues.  Try our service.  Ask us questions.  Let us know how we can expand our service to you - our customer.”
                                                                             -Alan R. Greenleaf, President

Call with Questions
Contact Alan Greenleaf Call us at 440.333.5480 with your questions. Our fax number is 440.398.0517. For a prompt response, email drawings or other communications to

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