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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What materials are available?
A. Just about all materials are available, including gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, die cast zinc and aluminum, and sand cast brass, bronze, and aluminum.

Q. What finish specifications can we use?
A. We offer just about any finish. We offer plating, surface hardening, anodizing, painting, powder coating, and more.

Q. Can I get material certifications?
A. Yes. We get certifications from the manufacturers, and we can test at local independent test labs. Certifications are available for composition, hardness, radioactivity, dimensions, and other issues.

Q. Can you offer full traceability?
A. Yes. We offer full traceability of materials.

Q. Can parts be painted?
A. Yes. We can use a full range of paints, from bituminous to epoxy to fine powder coating.

Q. How do you avoid rust?
A. We typically will coat parts with light oil and seal them in plastic unless otherwise specified.

Q. What charges can we expect beyond the quoted prices?
A. None. We pay all import duties, freight, packaging, and other charges, and airfreight for samples. There are no other charges unless there are special requests.

Q. What is your lead time?
A. Delivery typically is 4 weeks for transportation, with tooling and production comparable to domestic producers. Most parts can be delivered in 8 to 12 weeks. Always allow a little extra time in the event of a delay from US customs Inspections.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. It is the same as with domestic manufacturers. If the part is wrong, we will (at our option) take it back, rework it, or give credit. Any re-work must be specifically authorized before Romark can accept such charges.

Q. What are your terms?
A. Terms are negotiable but are typically Net 30 with approved credit, up to the customer's credit limit with Romark Industries, Inc.

Q. Do you do machining?
A. Yes. We do machining of all types, including CNC milling and turning, drilling, or screw machine work, as well as other secondaries, such as welding, painting, heat-treating, or assembly. It is to the customer's advantage to order parts with the highest labor content.

Q. Are all of your overseas suppliers ISO certified too?
A. Yes, with very few exceptions, all of our suppliers are ISO certified.

Q. Who pays for replacement patterns or tooling?
A. We replace it at no charge. It is our responsibility to maintain tooling so that it can product good parts, for as long as the customer orders such parts

Q. Can I get duplicate tooling made there for my use?
A.  We do not recommend it. Often their tooling is built differently from yours, and corrections or changes become complicated.

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