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Useful links, literature, and downloads
The last word in castings information, including equipment available, castings sources, processes explained, RFQ bulletin board, material data on every conceivable metallic material, plus links to dictionaries or terms, and trade magazines. Rather than duplicate his links, I suggest you visit his!

The Online Materials Information Resource.

Matweb defines and discusses materials including all types of iron, steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, in addition to polymers, and ceramics. Breakdowns include ASTM and AISI numbers. They are the last word on material specifications. There are more kinds of 1022 steel than you think.

Calculate metal weights!
Romark Industries, Inc. can help you calculate the weight of variety of shapes, in a variety of materials.

Convert! An incredibly useful download!
Convert distance, volume, temperature, speed, pressure, density or force instantly! This is a wonderfully useful FREE program! Click the link to download, or, go to here for the most recent version. Our thanks to Josh Madison at Josh Madison Software.

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